Comelit is by your side, no matter in which part of the world you produce.

    • Comelit Holding Spa: the three founding families of the group, Campanari, Morbidoni and Schiavoni, equally share the propriety of Comelit Holding spa, as well as all the proprieties of Comelit Holding spa.
    • Comelit Spa: this is the Italian plant, base of the whole R&D and commercial part of the group, as well as a productive site and a logistic hub for Europe. In this plant, the pulsing heart and the technological mind of the group, people work to ensure excellent results: with an advanced development department focused on the research of optimal solutions, as well as the realization of samples, pre-series, production cycles and homologations, always researching innovative approaches. The production can be realized, according to the specifications, in China, Poland or Italy. By doing this Comelit has the capabilities to enter every market field and at the same time to satisfy every request of each kind of company (from the small to the multinational ones), dealing different quantities with the same professionalism.
    • Dezhou Comelit Electronics Co. Ltd: this is the Chinese productive site, based in the Shandong province, it was created both for those clients with a Chinese production and for those which rely on a Chinese supply chain, in order to give the possibility to receive materials China to China. This is an autonomous productive plant which works with the specifications sent from Italy, granting the same service and the same quality of the Italian headquarter. All the commercial relations are carried out in Castelfidardo.
    • Comelit Trade Bejing Co, Ltd: This is the trading company based in Beijing, it works exclusively for the Chinese transactions with the local currency
    • At last, COMELIT POLAND SP. Z. O.O., the Polish plant. Based in Sosnowiec, near Katowice, it has been established to follow the philosophy of going towards the customer, which is Comelit’s guideline. To have a productive site in the center of Europe allows us to reduce the distances between us and our clients, as well as to grant a better and more effective service. As for Comelit China, Comelit Poland works exclusively with the specifications sent from Italy and the commercial relations are carried out in the Italian headquarter.
  • Comelit S.p.a.