• Soluzioni integrate
  • Integrated Solutions

    Comelit has always paid close attention to the problems of its clients and over the years it has developed the capacity to supply products that are ever more complex and complete.

    Comelit does research on the optimization of the production cycle of the client offering not only a simple winding, but complete integrated systems made up of several elements. Comelit has been present in various market sectors for 40 years, this has allowed for the development of specific and qualified expertise in mechanics, electronics and electro-mechanics that make up the true strength and competitiveness of the company and that are a support and an added service to the client.

    With this philosophy, it is the client that chooses to which level they wish to use Comelit’s potential, starting from a winding, up to a complete turn-key application, optimizing its own internal management.

Examples of applications
  • complete motor controls
  • complete power supply chassis in plastic or metal
  • lighting systems complete with power supplies, cabling, lamps, controls and dimmer management 
  • power supply modules with on and off delays for use with pumps 
  • traffic lights with electronic control of the flashing and sensor for signaling of problems.