• Induttanze pfc
  • PFC chokes

    Comelit has developed this range of products to be able to satisfy the requirements of the EN61000-3-2 standard with respect to current harmonics on the mains and the specifications for current and mechanical dimensions from their own clients.

    Customized bobbin formers and housings have been developed to satisfy the specific requirements for fixing and to minimize the need for additional assembly.

    To increase the precision of the tolerances ideal gapping of the core is designed and welding techniques are used which guarantee the constancy and the repeatability of the production process.

    Comelit, is always ready to fulfil every single request and to guarantee a high standard of quality, to select and use a vast range of materials, both with regard to plastics (thermal class B, F e H) and for magnetic materials.

In the production of ferrite-based products, Comelit uses specific winding techniques to reduce undesired capacitive effects. The production of PFC (Power Factor Correction) chokes is split into:
  • Products that work at 50/60 Hz made using laminated steel cores (passive solution), the dimensions of the range go from EI-30 to EI-P120
  • Products that work at high frequency with ferrite based cores (active), in any shape or size toroidal, EE, PQ, RM, ETD, etc...
Examples of applications:
  • Washing machines 
  • Tumble dryers
  • Air conditioning and ventilation
  • Waste disposal for food
  • Vacuum cleaners and other cleaning equipmen
  • Motor compressors
  • Battery chargers
  • Electric rinsing machines
  • Electric heat pumps