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  • Ignition coils

    For more than ten years Comelit has carried out the design and creation of voltage elevators for boilers for domestic or industrial use. This type of product is one that requires the most customization because the performance and dimensional characteristics of an ignition coil are closely linked to the design of the client’s board. Having technical staff who are highly specialized in the development of tools for bobbin formers, housings, terminal pins and fixing systems, allow Comelit to compete with success also in this application field. For this family of products,Comelit carefully chooses adequate materials to the needs of the application, closely controls the production process and uses encapsulation systems that are able to guarantee extreme insulation requirements. Testing is customized for each product with purpose made programs to check energy and discharge voltage. Comelit assists its clients starting from initial design and customization of the product so as to guarantee optimal results both with respect to technical performance and economy.