• Induttanze differenziali e di modo comune
  • Common mode and differential mode chokes

    The necessity to include filters to limit emissions of electromagnetic disturbance in many applications, has led Comelit to develop this type of product for use in its own production of switch mode power supplies.

    The natural evolution of this family of products has been their introduction towards Comelit’s clients with a range that has continued to widen over time.

    Today Comelit is able to supply a vast range of products with dimensional and technical characteristics that go from the standard to the most complex customization, both with horizontal or vertical bobbins or with toroid cores.

    Special attention is paid to the choice of the plastic materials in respect of the requirements of the standard on CTI. The clients are therefore assisted during start-up in development of the design thanks to the possibility to carry out within Comelit an initial screening with regard to electromagnetic compatibility.