• Trasformatori bassa frequenza
  • Low frequency transformes

    Low frequency (50/60hz) transformers make up the widest and most complete range of Comelit products.

    It includes laminate and toroid core solutions, encapsulated and non, for PCB assembly, panel assembly, outputs with leads and with nearly infinite possibilities for customization, always in the respect of the safety standards for transformers.

    A consolidated experience in the design and creation of solutions aimed at optimizing the production cycle and production processes of our clients, allow Comelit to avail itself of a vast range of bobbin formers, housings and customized fixing systems in continual and constant evolution.

Comelit guarantees the repeatability of the production process creating specific equipment and using materials that are purposely developed and tested both in line and on the finished product, capturing the data in real time. Comelit’s clients are always assisted in the prevention and resolution of design problems, choosing the most adequate materials to the needs of the application.

The ever greater attention paid to the protection of the environment and to energy saving has led to the creation of a range of products with low standby power which are part of the family of encapsulated laminate transformers.

Comelit produces a vast array of products which are certified by the world’s main approvals bodies and it offers to its clients a consultancy and support service in the approvals process, or alternatively it offers the service of directly obtaining the approval of products on behalf of its clients.

Examples of applications:
• Household appliances (standard EN60335) 
• Lighting (EN60598) 
• Medical electrical (EN60601) 
• IT applications (EN60950) 
• Automative (EN61558) 
• And various others such as test equipment