Comelit’s company objective is to offer itself to the client as an ideal partner for the research, development and manufacture of solutions and projects based on the client’s specific needs a turnkey solution.

Our designs are carried out in conformity to the related industry standards. Beyond the safety requirements, all the variables in the client’s application are also taken into consideration. Based on the elaboration of all the parameters indicated above products are developed that provide the best possible result in quality and price. The design in many cases is developed in very close cooperation with the client.

All of the products developed during project design are then manufactured totally by Comelit. Thanks to its mechanical and electrical competence, “made to measure” products are developed that can be manufactured indifferently both in Italy and in China. Even the development and construction of the tooling necessary for the production of components is carried out entirely by Comelit.

With the strength of its forty year presence in the world of transformers, Comelit knows perfectly well all of the critical factors connected with the safety elements of the product. By carefully monitoring the production cycles and with tight checks on the raw materials, Comelit is able to guarantee levels of absolute quality. Comelit’s service allows the client to arrive with an idea and to depart with a product that will need no further additions, with the possibility to receive supply in any part of the world.