• Moduli switching da circuito stampato
  • PCB mounted switch mode modules

    Following the market trend always more sensitive on the subject of energy saving, Comelit has developed a range of flyback typology switch-mode power supplies, with low standby power.
  • remarkable flexibility of use with the possibility to have one or two stabilized voltages available which are galvanically isolated from the input.
  • minimal mechanical size, indeed these modules are dimensionally equivalent to an EI30 laminate transformer.
  • High efficiency. In comparison to a linear solution (50% efficiency) with this solution efficiency up to 75% can be reached.
  • Simplification of design. Using this module the assembly of a diode bridge, an electrolytic capacitor and a linear regulator and in some cases, even the heat sink can be avoided.
  • Unification of part numbers. The input voltage is universal and therefore allows for covering of several markets with a single module.
  • Maximum power 5W with self-resetting thermal protection and a fuse resistor on the input.
The product conforms to the safety standard EN61558 and conforms with regard to electromechanical compatibility to EN55014- 1 for emissions and to EN55014-2 for immunity.
Examples of applications:
  • Instrumentation 
  • Information technology
  • Industrial 
  • Consumer electronics